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Server Rules
Common Sense:
Use common sense to begin with. we want to give a realistic feel and our joint goal should be to create unique and interesting scenarios so please think twice before doing something. We are all aware that this is a game and with a game follows game mechanics. However. just because you are an excellent Hydra pilot in GTA:O does not make it realistic that Shawn Robinson 19 years old from Grove Street is. Now this is not a rule that is easily to enforce, so we just ask you kindly to think twice before doing something. 

This is a Roleplay server so pick a role and play it. And make sure that everything you do involves Roleplay. Once you are in-game then you are the character in front of you, treat it realistic and with respect for its life. it is a living creature who experience all the emotions and feelings you would do in real life. and you have no super powers. just because you can do it in the game does not mean you should do it. an example of this is mentioned in the common-sense section. 

You must value your life and respect fair RP you are not Superman and not immortal. 

If you play 2 roles example Matthew and Robin then its up to you to make sure that they are separate for example Robin can not know that Matthew was in an accident unless someone knowing Matthew were to tell Robin. if you decide to permanently kill yourself off, you can under no circumstances RP that you were resurrected by gods or any other weird shit like that. If you do not respond to EMS about your Pulse you are considered DEAD also no default Johnnies and no clothing clipping out. 

Death Matching:
We do not deathmatch here. That means no random killing with guns/fists/vehicles/melee weapons etc to kill someone you need a reason saying I am roleplaying a murderer/assassin will not get you far in this community, and every fight must be initiated before and this goes for everyone whether you are a taxi driver a drug lord or a police officer. you need to warn before any form of Damage is dealt. Also, if 10 minutes of calm have passed since the last initiation then a new one is to be made. meaning you cannot roll up on someone who you had a fight with 2 hours ago and drive by them without talking... Words before actions. 

To play on Opportunity we require that you have a proper working microphone. We want to keep a high standard of roleplay on our server and therefore a working microphone is a requirement. if your microphone is acting weirdly have a lot of base or background sound. then you can ask a admin/moderator on the discord server to help you configure it. 

Out-of-Character Chat:
Out-of-character is just what it sounds like, a chat for questions and held. Do not use it to gain information that your character might need. There is other commands that can be used and every other form of chatter can be made in the discord server. OOC chat is intended to be used to communicate only when needed. Do not ask for in game information in OOC chat. This goes for everything from any cops on? to the casual Were you at? There is Twitter for that However keep in mind that if you speak about illegal subjects on Twitter that these can be used as evidence against you so remember we have a black market. 

Voice Chat:
In voice chat you are expected to stay In-Character unless an Admin/Moderator have told you to speak out of character. This is important to preserve the authenticity of Roleplay. If you are in a situation that you feel the need to break character we advise you to do this to a minimum in OOC chat. If you need admin support and talk about an incident we have a /report and a discord where this can be done. 

Stupid Stuff:
Do not do stupid stuff and with that I mean stuff that obviously is not right such as spawn killing, mic spam, stay AFK for too long.. etc. This list can go on and on but I believe we are competent enough to not have every type of dumb thing stated here. 

Do not roleplay any form of hatred against race, gender, sexual orientation/preference, religion, identity This is not cool and have a huge impact on other people so think about it. 

Sexual harassment, harassment, rape, bullying, etc. will NEVER be tolerated whatsoever. it is your responsible to make sure that the other part in the roleplay scenario feels comfortable with you around. this can easily be asked in OOC chat and discussed outside of character. We are all here to have fun and if we all play by the book then there should be room for different and interesting role play scenarios. (if you are feeling offended by someone it is important that you let them know that so they have a chance to better themselves) 

When you decide to disconnect make sure you are in an empty spot where no one will see you leave. Do not leave in a scenario unless you absolutely need to and if you do, then you need to tell the people around you that you need to leave. If you were to disconnect due to loss of power/internet then please let the people who were involved in your scenario know that once you are back. I cannot stress this enough: if you don't say anything at all and during a police chase or shootout or robbery or anything like that, it will be looked upon as Combat Logging. 

Do not Cop Bait for any reason (clarification Cop bait: is when you for any reason decides to go look for cops and start a scenario in where you would be targeted for arrest. LEO's should never shoot out of the vehicle unless under heavy fire and your life is at heavy risk.

Death / Unconscious State:
Consider your injuries and use common sense... (no one can force a permanent death upon your character. it is up to you, not to them.) You also lose any memory of anything related to the event that caused it (if violence involved) When you are treated by EMS they have legal rights over you and you must follow their orders until they see you fit to leave. (think of this as you contributing to make EMS roleplay better and more fun, this will result in more medics). Do not respawn during any scenario, especially those including Police and/or EMS without explicit permission to do so. If there is EMS on then they will help you out, unless you are killing your character off, then you need to let people know in OOC. 

Meta-gaming is using Out-of-character or 3rd party information in an in-character context! We do not Metagame. Clarification: Metagaming is when you use outside information that your in-game character does not know to your advantage. (example of this would be running up to your friend at a traffic stop because he told you over discord that he was pulled over on the highway.) (if you want to use discord as a Role Play communication device that is fine. However, everything said in discord while in-game must also be said in game (this goes for everyone and every form of communication). 

We do not tolerate any form of spamming game or Discord chat. No mic spam at all. If you would like to play music from your microphone for a roleplay scenario make sure everyone agrees to it. 

We have a lot of weapons available for you, However, keep in mind you should use a bag to carry any guns bigger than a pistol. In this the maximum number of guns you can carry is two. You can then have a pistol in your belt. but not more than that. You cannot pull an Assault rifle out of your pocket... however you can out of your trunk or car seat. or dumpster where you left it. However, running to every dumpster and pulling out guns will be considered exploiting this mechanic... be realistic. Don't grab a gun from anywhere you have not roleplayed to plant it at before. Hostage Situations If you plan to kidnap any civilian no police is required , 4 police must be on duty if you plan to kidnap any emergency personnel, then there must be at least 4 police on duty if you kidnap another person there is a time room of 75 Mins, that means 1 hour and 15 minutes. If that time passes and the hostage wants to leave then you either need to kill them or let them go. (you can ask them in OOC if they would like to continue). 

If you are doing a robbery scenario at the store/bank then police will ask you for proof that you have a hostage in case you do. (you cannot use a NPC as hostage). If you have people outside the store/bank then you need to warn the police that you have backup and wait 30 seconds before opening fire and have a worthwhile reason for opening fire (attempting to breach / continuous deal breakings / severe deal breaking) , if you do not do this then the person who shoots and kills is considered RDMing. (see deathmatching for clarification). 

Vehicles and Traffic:
Regarding Emergency service vehicles we do not allow theft of EMS vehicles (EMS takes their playing time helping everyone on the server who gets injured and they should be respected). when it comes to Police vehicles you can steal these but keep in mind that getting caught will be huge consequences and will add more jail time... do this at your own risk! This DOES NOT mean you can steal NPC emergency vehicles. You may only steal them from players. If you wreck during a chase in a way in which a car would be destroyed (falling a long distance) then you CAN NOT continue that chase in that car. If you decide to go off road then be realistic. You do not drive perfect on grass or on the side of a cliff. Please respect this rule as we want to keep it realistic. If it could injure or kill you in real life, then it will in game. And if it would break your car in real life then yeah, it is broken. When you disconnected, please drive to an area that nobody is around and do /dv while in your vehicle, we do not want empty vehicles filling up the map. 
Gang Rules:
Gang activity is limited to 5, which means no more than 5 members rolling at once. whitelisted gangs needs to be approved by the owner Scully. No alliances are allowed. 

Job Rules:
You must always use the vehicle provided to you from your job, failure to do so will lead to a kick or ban.
Darren Scully

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